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About me: Dr. L A. Davis


Hello, welcome and thank you!

I decided to open a shop called the dissertation cafe because of my own trials going through the doctoral process. I often found that soft scented candles, soft music, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot cocoa, the occasional pastry, and even the sound of moving water like a fountain, rain and thunder, helped to produce a serene and tranquil atmosphere where I could focus and get to work. 

Though I am not a huge coffee drinker, I used to wake up very early every Sunday and saunter into the local coffee shop. The aromas and sounds that emanated brought on an immediate sense of peace. I wanted this to be incorporated in my website. I do not offer candles, hot beverages, soft music, or pastry but I invite you to have some as we work together.

With many of my own personal failures during this journey, I was able to learn. I saw a trend in students that I was privileged to help along the way. Often, trouble begins from the first step while choosing a topic. Having passion for a topic does not mean you can do a study on it. I wasted more than one year on a topic that I would never be able to defend. 

Though failure is a part of the doctoral process, you are still a student and there is a lot you will not know. Eventually you will see that figuring it out is part of you learning how to become a researcher.

The second issue is finding the need or gap in your study. Students choose a theoretical foundation, conceptual framework, or sometimes both and identify this as the gap or need. This might make it through committee but it will not make it to the dean's desk for signature. 

These are the things that I look for. I do not focus as much on APA as I do these areas. APA will not help you if your content is incorrect. I also pay attention to alignment of your document to your program and to each section of your dissertation.  Hopefully what I learned from my experience will help you.

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Is my information confidential?

Your information will never be discussed or shared with anyone. If there is a preferred way that you would like me to send your item to you, please let me know.

Do you accept custom orders?

I am willing to accept customized orders depending on what you request.

Are there any refunds?

You may have a refund if you request one within 24 hours of purchase. No refund will be given after 24 hours. If you would like to waive the 24 hours wait period before working on your document, you must put it in writing through the contact form or email. drdavis@thedissertationcafe.com Once I start working on your document, there will be no refunds.*****

When will you start working on my project?

I will start working on your project 24 hours after purchase has been processed, or if you waive the 24 hours wait period depending on how many documents I have before yours. The waiver of the 24 hour wait  must be put it in writing through the contact form, or email drdavis@thedissertationcafe.com

How much advance time do you require?

Please allow at least 7 BUSINESS days before your project is due. If you send any document and ask me to have it done in 24 hours, I will not accept your document or payment. I am very detailed and rushing at this level of education is counterproductive.

Do you provide assistance with any other data analysis program?

At this time I only provide assistance with NVivo qualitative data analysis or hand coding.

When will my document be returned?

After the 24 hour wait time and payment process, I will return your completed document within one - five BUSINESS, depending on the document.

Do you require full payment in advance?

For the review, rechecks, outline  (strategic points), and NVivo, yes. For the Prospectus, Proposal, Chapters 4 and 5, I will accept 50% deposit. I will not return your document until the balance has been paid in full. You will have to email me for a PayPal invoice. If you pay through this site, you will have to pay in full.

Do you provide free service?


You will receive one free recheck with purchase of the, prospectus, proposal, chapter 4 and 5.

You will receive one free 60 minute session of telephone or video conferencing with purchase of outline, prospectus, proposal, or chapters 4 and 5. You are not required to use them but they are there for you to use when you need them.

You will receive one free 60 minute telephone or videoconferencing with the purchase of each recheck.

Do you charge extra for additional rechecks or conferencing?


If you request an additional recheck outside of your free recheck for the outline/ strategic points, prospectus,  proposal, or chapters 4 and 5, there will be a charge of $50.00 per chapter of your document.

If you choose to purchase additional teleconferencing, there will be and additional $50.00 per hour.

There is no free recheck with the purchase of the outline. If you desire to have a recheck of the outline, there will be a $50.00 charge.

Can we use teleconference or videoconferencing?

 Some people do not like to be on camera. The program I used for videoconferencing can be used for teleconferencing with the camera turned off, or you can call me.  There will be a $50.00 per hour charge for each additional 60 minutes needed. If you do not have the program I use, I will send you a link to the program at no additional charge to you.

Words of encouragement


There will be days that you will not know what you are doing. There will be days that you do not know why you are taking this journey. Heed these encouraging words. You will not feel anything that I and others did not feel in the realm of giving up when it comes to this journey in your adult education. Read the about me faq.

If you find the things that make you happy, what allows you to relax, it will give you a moment of clarity. Keep a notebook and pen next to your bed. Many of my inspirations for writing came in my dreams when my mind was quiet. 

If you understand that this journey is not about you but about your population which will be used in your study, then you will be able to get through this difficult process. 

The dissertation journey is very difficult and you might meet committee members whose desire is to make it even harder. There is help out here for those of you who need it. You can and will succeed as long as you do not give up. Make friends with your cohorts and call them in time of need even if it is to talk. No matter how difficult your journey, try to enjoy the ride.