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Additional Information

For learners who purchased a prospectus, proposal, or chapters 4 and 5, you will receive one hour of teleconferencing or videoconferencing. If you desire to have additional sessions, you are free to purchase as many as you need.

Please note that there will be a maximum of two hours per day for each session. If you start a session but end early, you will be responsible for that hour session. If you purchase two hours but only use one, I can refund you that hour, or hold it on my book. 

If you start into the second hour but have to leave early, you will be charged for that entire hour.  I will send you an invitation to either download a videoconferencing program at no charge to you or schedule an appointment. You have up to 1 hour before our appointment to pay or your appointment will be canceled.  

Time availability for this portion of adult education will be :

M-F 8 .a.m-4 .p.m or Saturdays by appointment only If you cannot meet during the week. 

Saturday schedule will be dependent on my schedule.