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 Dr. L.A. Davis earned her Doctorate of Education in Organizational  Leadership with an Emphasis in Development in 2018. Her dissertation  focused on the blind or visually impaired to understand how this  population perceived employment, and how those perceptions motivated  them to seek employment. In her first book, she writes about her  experience as an online doctoral learner, the difficulties she faced,  and how the words “Thank You” changed her journey. She included several  tips and some websites she used to help her get through her journey.  Though the book is targeted to Ed.D. and Ph.D. learners, many of the  tips included in her book can be used for any level of higher education.  This book can be read by anyone who wants to understand the emotional  turmoil of earning a Ph.D. or EdD. It can also be read by anyone who  wants to have a good laugh from some funny moments written in this book.