Chapters 4 and 5


Unlike the Data Collection, Chapters 4 and 5 section, this purchase will only cover chapters 4 and 5. 

 If your data analysis is not adequately done, it will have an overall effect on the final results and other aspects of chapters 4 and 5. 

You must be able to explain what you did to analyze your data thoroughly and you must explain your results and justify your recommendation for additional research.

I will look at your research questions and attempt to answer them. I will not give you the answers, but  If I am unable to answer your research questions from the information provided in your document, it is possible that I might suggest that the data analysis be repeated, another mode chosen to get better results or to write it up better for clarity. 

I have data analysis services for your consideration but you are free to choose another program. How you chose to analyze your data is entirely up to you. You only need to be able to express what you did and the results.

Though chapters 4 and 5 are difficult to write, these are two of the most fun chapters because you will begin to see things emerge that you did not expect.

Your recommendation for future research may continue to add to the literature if someone decides to work with it. 

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