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Grab a cup of hot coffee, hot chocolate, or tea while I provide you with data mining (coding) tutoring through the use of NVivo or hand coding. This will be one on one adult education.

Each session is $50.00 per hour. I will not do your data analysis for you but I will sit with you and teach you how to use the program through videoconferencing. The benefit of this approach is to allow you to complete your own data analysis so that you can confidently explain your results in chapter 4. This is a time consuming process and NVivo can be a difficult program to understand. You may take as many sessions as you want until you are comfortable to work alone. 

If you leave a session early you are still obligated to pay the hourly rate of $50.00. For example if you book a two hour session but leave after 1 1/2  hours, you are obligated to pay for the full two hours. I do not charge by 1/2 hour.

Every research is different, and time varies from learner to learner. If one hour is all you need to be productive, then that will be fine. 

You must have NVivo loaded on your computer with the use of a PC and be able to share the screen with me. To help with time, it is best to have the interviews uploaded. If you do not know how, then do not worry. I will send you a videoconferencing invitation that will be free to you.

I will not be responsible for how you construct your results or what graphs, charts, tree, word cloud etc. that you choose for your document. Please ask as many questions as you would like before deciding to work with me. Due to differing opinions of your university and your methodologist, I cannot guarantee success with my services.

*****All payments must be made and processed before class starts. You have up to one hour before your appointment to pay, or your appointment will be canceled and you will have to reschedule. If you schedule a Zoom Pro meeting and you are a no show, there will be no refund. Once class starts, there will be no refund. All sessions with Zoom Pro will be recorded.*****


Please send a message through the contact us tab for appointments. Appointments are a minimum of one hour and a maximum of two hours per session. Monday- Saturday by  appointment.